Five events in the past ten years have made it gre­at. The pre­vious loca­ti­on in Kas­sel, in the midd­le of Ger­ma­ny, was regar­ded as a step­ping stone in the ear­ly years. Now it is time for the next step: The 6th MöLo in 2019 will take place in Essen, one of the most important tra­de fair venues in Ger­ma­ny, which attracts around 1.5 mil­li­on visi­tors a year with nume­rous lea­ding tra­de fairs.
The agglo­me­ra­ti­on area Rhine/Ruhr has the hig­hest den­si­ty of for­war­ding com­pa­nies in Ger­ma­ny. In addi­ti­on, the pro­xi­mi­ty to Bel­gi­um, Luxem­bourg and the Nether­lands will signi­fi­cant­ly increa­se the catch­ment area of MöLo.